Advisory Boards

Full Advisory Board

The board establishes general directives; approves and makes changes to the statutes and the curriculum; adds and removes faculty members; determines the number of positions to be offered in the programs; defines the lines of research; manages the program’s financial aspects, distributes scholarships and supervises general academic activities. The board consists of a coordinator, all PPGECT faculty members, two student representatives from the Masters program and two from the Doctoral program, as well as the head of the Center that has the most professors accredited in PPGECT.

Executive Advisory Board

The Executive Advisory Board accompanies and executes the financial planning, creates commissions, changes academic supervisors, approves calls for applicants, defense panels, student activity reports and general academic activities. The Executive Advisory board proposes changes to the statutes, the Scholarship Commission, the areas of concentration and lines of research and handles the most frequent administrative tasks. The Executive Advisory board consists of the current and preceding coordinators, two representatives from each Center involved in PPGECT, two elected faculty representatives and two student representatives (one Masters and one Doctoral).